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Kill Rock Stars

You Absorb My Vision

by TheplanetThe

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Wet Dust 01:48
Free Jewelry 01:35
Tennis 02:28


"Say, kids! There's a new dance craze sweeping the nation!"

Let us all now roll our eyes into the backs of our heads and slit our throats.

Thankfully, Portland, OR's The Planet The is not a part of the craze. It's ahead of it; confusing it. The Planet The plays confounding music. Difficult to pigeonhole, particularly when they shift musical gears as much as they do.

But don't misconstrue. This is entertaining stuff. And you can dance to it. Sort of. But the fact of the matter is that this is not ironic dance music but something truly progressive and iconoclastic. These songs start, go and end where the band wants them, without regard for convention or fashion.

Punk, prog and new wave is what The Planet The do. Vocals entirely drowned in effects, slicing guitar, danceable beats and spacey keyboards come careening straight for your ears and don't let up until you collapse from dancing in 9/8 time.The trio is made up of Charlie (vocals, guitar), Chip(drums), and Dave (synthesizer) who finish each others sentences. This is their second album, the first with 5RC.

one of the most refreshing brands of progressive rock this year. Heavy rockin avant-prog and screwy new wave elements and other various styles freak into a cohesive and totally exciting melting pot. But they are at their best when embroiled in frenzied heavy rockin prog constructions. punky prog rock power prog rockin workout. New-wave art prog-punk that refuses to sit still ever. You'll want to dance, but you'll also want to bang your head. The perfect balance of sassy electronics and atypical percussion. Appropriately off-kilter lyrics and thoughtfully warped arrangement. They liberally fuck with electronic-noise conventions.


released June 7, 2005


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TheplanetThe Portland, Oregon

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